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Rockin' Rides | Pump up the Action

Bikes for Little Rippers

Elevate the excitement with a shiny new bike for your favorite young cyclist. We have safe and stylish bikes that every kid will love! Top it off with a sweet new helmet, and your child will be ready to take center stage on their next bike ride. Have questions, or need help with sizing? Call or visit us for expert advice on the perfect ride for your little rockstar.

Kids' Balance Bikes

Up to 3 Years Old / 30-35" Tall

12-Inch Kids' Bikes

 2-4 Years Old / 35-40" Tall

16-Inch Kids' Bikes

3-6 Years Old / 39-46" Tall

20-Inch Kids' Bikes

5-8 Years Old / 45-52" Tall

24-Inch Kids' Bikes

7-10 Years Old / 51-63" Tall

Kids' Helmets